Experient a Sponsor @ProducedBy2018 Conference

Experient is a sponsor of the Producers Guild of America’s Produced By Conference, June 9-10, 2018 at Paramount Pictures, Our location housing and logistics experts will be on site to consult with Producers, Line Producers and UPM’s on location housing for upcoming production, market intelligence for major production centers worldwide and exclusive deals from major global hotel brands. Enter

2018 Experient Production Cash Credit

The Experient Production Cash Credit (EPCC) earns physical productions $100 for every 200 rooms in their location housing room block. There is no cap and it can be used for: Free rooms or upgrades Credit on your hotel master bill No-fee air travel management for cast & crew Amenities for arriving talent Pre-loaded Visa debit card

Rates for Location Housing in Top 12 U.S. Physical Production Centers – Part 2

This post is for Producers and Line Producers who want to benchmark rates for location housing when budgeting for physical production. In Part 1 we looked at cities with location housing rates higher than the US average ($147.94). In Part 2, we look at cities where location housing rates are below the national average and

Location Housing Rates for Top 12 U.S. Physical Production Centers

This post is for Producers and Line Producers looking to benchmark location housing rates for production budgets. In Part 1, we will cover US markets that are priced higher than the US Average Daily Rate (ADR). Part 2 will look at those cities that are below the US average. We’re working on an international version for physical