Coordination of housing & travel from prep to wrap

Coordination is essential if you want things to go smoothly. With so many people coming and going, different types of housing to manage, last minute requests and demanding ATL, you really need someone to look after all the details. 

Without coordination, these seemingly simple requests can overwhelm the production office distracting you and your team from doing what it came to do.

Maritz Global Events is here for you. Experienced  production housing and travel coordinators are assigned to your production to look after everything from prep to wrap. Hotel rooming list management, corporate furnished apartment guest management, and agent assisted travel for all your bookings, changes and cancellations – all at no additional cost. 

The best part is you can reduce the number of hours spent on non-production related tasks leaving you more time for making the very best movie or TV series.

Work with professionals

More time for production

You have a production to finish and there are a million things screaming for your attention. By offloading some of the busy work – housing requests, ticket changes, new names, new dates – you can concentrate on pressing production tasks that won’t wait.

Rooming Lists

From templates to managing the day to day

Date Changes

Manage changes so they don’t cascade through the production


Talent upgrades and perqs for crew on location

last minute travel

Execs, talent, distant hires and anyone else who needs to move