Revenue Sharing

Add net-new revenue to your
soundstage business right away


Enterprise-class and volume buying power greater than all the Studios combined

NO COST to you

All services at no additional cost to
productions shooting at your stage

Offer visiting productions more

Who knew that having a world-class accommodation and travel service as a
preferred supplier would be a competitive advantage for your soundstage?

Advantage Agreements

Start negotiating where most people leave off. Maritz master contract templates for all major global hotel brands feature things like special deals. pre-negotiated concessions, and risk reducing language for cancellation and attrition to give you maximum flexibility while limiting your exposure.

Corporate Furnished Apartments

One stop sourcing for virtually every corporate furnished housing apartment and supplier within driving distance of your stages. Productions no longer have to call around, deal with reps, contracts and terms. We guarantee great buildings, clean apartments, modern design, one set of terms, and business or individual payments plus 24/7 support . Everything productions need in one place.

Private Homes

Work with production savvy licensed local real estate agents in your soundstage location. Bespoke source-to-order from agents who know the area, and who know how to work with above the line, agents and spouses to make sure they find the right place, the paperwork is in order and everyone is happy so they can concentrate on the production.

Full-service and Self-service

You get access to a specialist entertainment travel agency service with a local presence featuring discount airfares, media bag rates, agent assisted travel, private charters and full service  travel management for productions. Transaction fees are competitive market rate and we’re pretty sure they’re lower than many Studio or corporate travel departments.

Sometimes it’s faster, easier, and less expensive to book last minute or transient travel directly online. We provide you with your own white-label online travel booking site for soundstage productions to self-book transient air, hotel and car rentals. The best part? Rates on your booking site will always be the lowest published rates worldwide.

Complete support for your studio

One-stop support for hotels, apartments, houses, air, ground and coordination


Agent Assisted Travel 

Access to entertainment airfare discounts on all major US airlines and their global partners, including agent assisted travel.

Transportation Support

Passenger transportation sourcing, airport meet & greet, shuttles and coaches, and ground program management

Soundstage director

Housing Coordination

Administrative support to the production managing housing changes and travel requests.