real leverage

Become a Player

Independent producers and companies may not have the same number of chips but  you can play at the same table as the Studios. That’s because when you use Maritz Global Events to source production housing and travel, you bring more buying power to the table than all the major studios combined. We leverage that buying power to get you the very best combination of lowest negotiated rate, concession value added and risk reduction. And Maritz doesn’t cost you a dime so you start out ahead. That’s like getting dealt pocket aces every time.

Thing is, Studios have all the leverage when it comes to buying power. You don’t have to settle for what you’re offered. You can negotiate. You can win. Independents can play with the big boys. Get in the game with a partner that has your back, can teach you the ropes and won’t get flustered when other players have bigger stacks.

When it comes to location housing and travel, MGE deals you a winning hand.

Position of strength

Negotiating power

Just because you’re an independent and not a major studio doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than you deserve.

As one of the world’s largest integrated meeting and event companies,  Maritz Global Events gives you access more buying power than all the major studios combined. Our comprehensive housing and travel services are designed to get you the very best combination of lowest negotiated rate, most concessions and reduced risk.

Without paperwork or fees. Plus not having to deal with dealing with multiple vendors when you can have a pro look after all the details.  

Volume Buying POwer

More buying leverage than all the major studios combined

WOrld Class services

One of the largest companies of its kind working for you

No Additional COst

You get all the benefits with none of the costs

Staff Support

Bolster production support with coordinators and technology