Hotels at the lowest negotiated rate

Lowest negotiated rate

Hotels? We books millions of room nights every year for our clients so we have a pretty good idea of what the best rates for a property over your dates look like . We leverage this knowledge, a competitive RFP bidding process and decades of experience negotiating hotel contracts to get you the best rate possible.

Most concession value-added

Maritz Advantage Agreements contain pre-negotiated value-added concessions for all major global hotel brands, gets you right out of the gate and  further down the road when negotiating more and better concessions. 

Reduced risk

Risk reducing contract language for attrition. Favorable cancellation terms to increase your flexibility. And up to date force majeure clauses to protect against unexpected production delays.

Maritz Global Events is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated meeting and event management companies and the #1 customer for most major hotel brands. Our goal is to deliver very best combination of:

Lowest negotiated rate
Concession value added
Reduced risk

Real Leverage, Real Results

Why start from the beginning when we’ve done most of the work for you already

Real leverage

More volume than all the major Studios combined

Pre-negotiated deals

Master agreements with all major hotel brand

Negotiated rate savings

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Negotiating power

The No. 1 buyer of hotels rooms for for major hotel brands 

Value added concessions

Comp rooms, rebates, food and beverage discounts and more

Reduced Risk

Contract language that reduces legal and financial exposure

Hotel cash-back rebates

Cash back from select brands and independent properties

Meeting room discounts/comps

Office space onsite for production office and equipment lock up

Guestroom upgrades/discounts

Reduce total spend and save on upgrades for above the line

Food and beverage discounts

Restaurants, catering and room service discounts off the master bill

Legalese in contract language

pre-negotiated contract templates with legal language already written

Favorable attrition/cancellation

Minimize performance guarantees and partial/full cancellation waivers

Enterprise class

We buy hotels for some of the biggest companies, conferences, meetings and events in the world


Master agreements w/pre-negotiated concessions, risk reducing language f

Savings on Budget

Since 2017, MGE production clients have averaged 17% savings on budget.

Electronic RFP’s

We use Cvent as our tool of choice to source hotels for production clients 

Value Added

Cash back, comp rooms, breakfast, parking, office space and more.

Concession value/risk reduction

13% concession value added on spend and 50% risk reduction