Private home search

You know what you want but you got a million things to do and you don’t got time. If someone could look after it for you, it would be a huge relief. Even better would be to have someone searching for you who knows exactly what you want.

That’s us. Tell us what you want. We’ll look after it. 

Talent, executives and department heads should be focused on production, not searching dozens of websites, sending e-mails, confirming availability, talking with landlords and real estate agents, dealing with fees, doing house inspections, negotiating leases without the benefit of local knowledge.

When you think about how much you are being paid, how busy you are and how much easier life would be if someone would just look after it for you.

home search

Work with pros

Talent, above the line and heads of department who want the comforts of home on location, that bring their families, that value their privacy or simply want privacy away from the spotlight, we have produciton experienced agents ready to look after everything for you.

Licensed agents

Licensed real estate pros with local knowledge 

production savvy

Production experience sourcing private homes for productions


A global network that can be tapped on demand


Private and discreet handling of talent and reps


North America, EMEA, APAC – and everywhere else

local knowledge

Someone who knows their way around when you don’t