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Production experts

Air travel is a detail oriented discipline. By that we mean there are a lot of rules, procedures and technology needing to be mastered before you are able to look after group travel.

You need trained, experienced experts in travel management for production. That’s why we partners with  TAG Group, a leading specialist entertainment travel management company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, to provide comprehensive travel services for productions no matter where they shoot. They  know the ins and outs of airline policies, cancellation, rebooking, rewards, traveler assistance programs, entry requirements, travel advisories and more.

You don’t need a embedded travel company to get all the benefits such as entertainment airfare discounts and media bag rates. You need a travel partner that is competent, experienced and knows who you are. 


Peace of mind

When talent and crew rely on you to get them from home to location and back again, you need someone who knows how to manage the details of getting people from A to B.

Save money

Discounts airfares on American, Delta, United & global partners

Easy booking

Travel your way – agent assisted and online booking tools


Experienced production travel specialists 24/7 worldwide

Duty of Care

Know where everyone is and are properly looked after