Location Housing Prices for World Production Centers

This is the 3rd part in our series on accurate budgeting for ATL and BTL location housing in major physical production cities around the world.  In Part 1 and Part 2 we tackled the Top 12 centers in the USA.  This time we’re looking at cities internationally. You’ll be pleased to hear this is not going to be one of those long omnibus posts. We’re going to break our analysis up into three separate posts covering EMEA, APAC and the Americas which will will make them easier for you to digest (and for us to write).

In this post, we present baseline average daily rates for 3 and 4-star global brand hotels in select cities from the Business Travel News 2018  Corporate Travel Index. The list is not exhaustive (for example BTN does not provide rates for Qingdoa, China) but it does cover most of the major physical production centers. The usual caveats apply – 12-month average, seasonality, compression, exchange rates, etc. We’ll get more granular in the regional posts.

If you would like us to cover specific city not listed below in one of our regional posts, let us know which city and we’ll include it. For those who can’t wait because you’re in prep (or close) and need the data yesterday, drop us a line and we’ll round up it up for you.

Average Daily Rate for Major World Physical Production Centers

Americas APAC EMEA
Calgary – $141.24 Auckland – $218.11 Bucharest – $135.58
Mexico City – $138.82 Beijing – $141.49 Budapest – $121.14
Montreal – $147.88 Hong Kong – $250.50 Cape Town – $127.18
Rio de Janeiro – $113.91 Melbourne – $204.98 Dublin – $216.30
Toronto – $160.33 Mumbai – $132.33 Johannesburg – $135.18
Vancouver – $175.38 Seoul – $199.08 Lagos – $211.23
Shanghai – $158.73 London – $269.88
Singapore – $197.75 Manchester – $167.24
Sydney – $234.26 Prague – $148.92
Rome – $197.51

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