Discount Airfares with Full-Service Travel Management

Exclusively for Experient film & TV clients

Experient physical production clients now enjoy exclusive access to the same air travel discounts programs enjoyed by Major Studios and Fortune 500 companies.

Whether you’re a low budget indie, digital series, mid-sized production or a studio production, you can now access discounts ranging from 3% to 15% off the daily posted rate by fare class.

There is a travel agency fee of $40 per domestic ticket transaction and $50 per international ticket transaction but in most cases the savings will offset your costs. Let’s say you need to fly two SAG actors from Los Angeles to Bucharest. Two first-class/business-class tickets cost $8,000. Let’s say your fare class discount is 5% or $400. Your agency ticketing fee is $100 for two tickets netting you $300 in savings.

The only time you might pay a net travel agency fee is when you book economy fares but even then you’re still getting a 3% discount plus Studio-grade travel management services such as a dedicated travel agent, simplified billing and payment, and custom management reports.

To get started, contact Andrew Thompson.

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