Do it your way

Many 3rd-party producers and production services companies enjoy the freedom to make their own arrangements. However, they  don’t always have access to the same resources that a Studio production enjoys and if they do, there is a lot more bureaucracy and higher overall costs. changes all that. offers 3rd-party producers and production services companies all the resources of a studio travel department + corporate furnished apartments + real estate agency + travel coordination + a few more services to make life easier on location.

The best part? You’re in control. No policy to follow. No restrictions on who you fly with or where you can stay, No paperwork. No bureaucrat.  And no exorbitant fees. 

If you are producing your own IP for Studio distribution, acting as a production services company, or your production deal gives you autonomy to decide who you work with on location, you now have the freedom to look after your location housing and travel your way.

More BANG for your Buck

Don’t settle

Producing outside the Studio fence or as a production services company doesn’t mean you need to settle for second best.

Enjoy Studio-grade housing, travel and support along with the freedom to choose where you stay, how you want to travel, how much you want to pay, who stays where – basically everything. You can have it all. 

If you have the autonomy to make housing and travel decisions at the production level and want the same support as an inhouse Studio production, Maritz Global Events is the way to go. 


More buying power than all the major studios combined!

Discount Airfares

Entertainment airfare discounts on American, Delta and United


Corporate furnished apartments for all major suppliers worldwide

Ground  Transport

Group and VIP transportation program management by local experts

Private HOmes

Curated search by licensed production savvy real estate agents 


Full-service sourcing, rooming lists/changes, plane tickets & car rentals